Asynchronous Kids Art Class Online (Elementary grades) $75

Course Description:

In this pre-recorded 5-week course, students will learn about Art History and applied art. This course will cover five different and influential artists, including Vincent van Gogh, Diego Rivera, and more!  Following that, there is a step-by-step tutorial of an art project that is inspired by the artist in focus. The medium used is colored pencils, but any type of art supplies may be used. The tutorials are very beginner-friendly and are geared towards younger students.

Asynchronous Pencil Drawing and Shading Art Class Online

(6th-8th grades) $75

This course will cover basic techniques in art, including shading, ways to create depth in your drawings, line weight, and more.  It is a pre-recorded 5-week course, in which I explain an art concept or technique, and then apply it to a drawing. The only materials needed are paper, pencil, and eraser. The videos last approximately 25-35 minutes and can be paused as needed. In this course, the students are able to follow along with me, as well as learn important skills to experiment with their own art as well.